Register for the ExpressionEngine Roadshow before September 25th for a chance to win the Grand Prize

A roadshow packed with top ExpressionEngine users deserves a prize pack of top EE add-ons, so everyone signed up for the EE Roadshow before September 25 will be entered in a draw to win the EE Roadshow Grand Prize. It includes:

ExpressionEngine Commercial License with free upgrade to EE 2.0 (EllisLab)
ExpressionEngine Forum Module (EllisLab)
ExpressionEngine Multiple Site Manager (EllisLab)
Playa 2 (Brandon Kelly)
Wygwam (Brandon Kelly)
User Module (Solspace)
Tag Module (Solspace)
Diggie (Solspace)
Gallery Extended 2 (Solspace)
FoxEE E-Commerce Module (HCC Development)
12 month S-2 hosting package (Engine Hosting)

That’s more than $1000 worth of EE Software that could would give the winner a huge head start in building a phenomenal ExpressionEngine site.

The draw will be made following the Add-on panel session at 5 pm.

Hurry. Register now if you haven’t already.

(Hop Studios is one of the organizers of the EERoadshow.)


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