Promare Surfaces

promare_logo.gifDo you like marine research and exploration ?  I know—who doesn’t?

That’s why Promare was such a fun site for us to design.  Promare is a non-profit organization that’s developing advanced research submarines, exploring shipwrecks off the Aegean coast, and generally advancing “man’s knowledge of history and science and to reinvigorate underwater exploration through fusion of popular media and scholarly research.”

trondheim-18_thumb.jpgIf you visit only one page, visit the projects section, which shows you their projects, everything from WWII aircraft to the Thermopylae to the Shuttle Columbia Recovery effort.

The site is extremely simple; it’s basic HTML pages and very light CSS that help format the site, which means it can be produced even when there’s no Internet access—this is important when you might be in the middle of any one of the seven seas. The design leaves plenty of room for future expansion, as the continue to increase the projects they’ve done and the information they share.


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