Pass the Quilt: Creating a patchwork of the Filipino Exprience

Pass the is a new group blog that is the brainchild of Rex Jaime and Byron Mondala. Both gentlemen are of Filipino descent and were looking to create a web-based portal for the world wide Filipino community to come together and share their stories. The site launched just last week and it is a first phase site consisting of a blog with access to registered members to contribute stories and video and to communicate with each other. The idea is to create a virtual “patchwork quilt” made up of stories sharing the Filipino immigrant experience.

Design templates for the site were provided by Rex and Byron, with development work and the customization of ExpressionEngine provided by the Hop Studios team.

Future phases for Pass the Quilt will see it develop further as a social networking site. It’s an ambitious project, one that Rex and Byron hope will become the go-to place for the Filipino people and connect them with one another all over the world. We wish them all the best in building the online community they envision.


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