Northern Voice 2009 Wrap-Up: All the NV09 Posts We Could Find

2009 marked the fifth year of the Northern Voice conference, Vancouver’s very popular personal blogging and social media conference, This year, the Hop Studios staff was involved in many ways to help make it the fun times, connection-filled, and interesting talk extravaganza that it was….  and we do it because we like all those things, too.

I worked hard in my third term as a volunteer on the organizing committee—I’m secretary of the non-profit society now, too—and moderated two of the talks, both about journalism in this era of social media.  I also ran the Northern Voice Twitter feed but, shhhh, don’t tell anyone that, and was responsible for printing the badges—which was WAY more work than I thought it would be. 

Susie submitted (and was chosen to lead) a panel, “Help! I’m Sick and Tired of My Blog”, which was a lively and packed discussion on blogging burn out and how to rediscover a passion for blogging. Susie is now the only person who has spoken at every single Northern Voice since 2005 on topics as diverse as blog design, blog widgets and using blog software for non-blogs and we’re honored they keep picking her.

Rachael was in attendance for both days, and had a small role in wrangling the Moosecamp schedule on Friday morning—she wasn’t a volunteer, but at Northern Voice, everyone pitches in. Matt volunteered his time on Saturday morning, helping conference attendees find their way to talks and checking folks in at the registration desk. We all had a great time attending talks and catching up with friends both old and new, and after the conference, we held an impromptu post-conference party which ended, as usual, with a little Wii Tennis.

There’s a lot of Northern Voice now spread across the Internet, but much of it has moved to Twitter and other sharing sites.  Here’s what I could find as far as blog posts go, and I’d love to add to this list if you can suggest anything.

Blog Posts:

Note: I’m picking posts about the conference, not about any one particular session.

The conference’s own wrap-up

Lauren Wood


Blue Lime Media

D’Arcy Norman

Tim Bray

Invoke Media

Dave Olson

Geeky Mom

Social Signal

Gus Digital

Darren Barefoot

Out Smarts

No Spin PR

John Biehler

Tzaddi Gordon

Jeff Traynor

All Wordpress blogs tagged northernvoice09

Google blog search

Blog Posts from people who didn’t like the conference, because those are always more interesting:

Kim Werker

Shit Hawks on Parade

No Spin PR (again!)

Live Blogging

Tris Hussey


Miss 604


Panels posted online

Giant Ant, Blogging a Documentary: How Social Media Took Us to Africa,
Jay Grandin and Leah Nelson

Briana Tomkinson, Passionately Local


Derek Miller Flickr set

Nancy White, A Five-Card NV Story

All photos tagged with northernvoice09 on flickr


Bruce Sharpe

LBlanken tribute on YouTube

Other YouTube video





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