New Team Member: Emily Plommer

Hop Studios is happy to introduce our newest duckling, Emily Plommer! Emily joins us officially as an Administrative Assistant after collaborating with us periodically for the past year as a contracted data entry administrator and user support specialist.

Emily splits her time between Calgary, Alberta; Kamloops, B.C.; and various other cities. She brings an equally eclectic background to Hop Studios: from vacation rental management to seniors caregiving, her career path has been anything but linear but is sewn together with a sturdy thread of exceptional customer support and communication skills, even in the most demanding situations.

Photo of a woman with shoulder-length brown hair in front of mountains

Emily Plommer

When not working at Hop Studios, Emily loves metaphorically (sometimes literally!) digging for vintage treasures and relics of the past at thrift shops and yard sales. She manages a small online shop where she resells the treasures she finds, and only very rarely keeps any for her own collection… she says. Spending time in nature, cooking, travelling, and doting on her beloved dachshund, Mack - all come second to vintage investigations!

She’s also passionate about social justice initiatives. She has served as a director and secretary of the Vancouver Dyke March Society, a volunteer at the Calgary Food Bank, and a dedicated staff member at the YMCA/YWCA in multiple cities.

Welcome to the flock, Emily!

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