New Team Member: Abhilekha Nirwan

It’s a pleasure to welcome Abhi to the “stupendous” (her words) Hop Studios team! Working from Jaipur, India, she becomes the most remote of our distributed development team.

In addition to over a decade of hands-on web development experience, she has also spent several years teaching programming languages in Jaipur, India. However, she’s found that she prefers to be hands-on, building cutting-edge tools as a full-stack developer.

Abhilekha Nirwan

Abhilekha Nirwan

Abhi also enjoys her time away from the keyboard, roaming around different cities, exploring the differences in food here and there (vegetarian only!) and exploring different cultures. She’s been sharing her music with the rest of the Hop team, and we’re now grooving to some great Hindi Spotify playlists.

As that rare engineer category who doesn’t play video games, she nevertheless has two sons who are mad over them. “I enjoy balancing my working life with my motherhood. Happy to start a new journey with Hop’s stupendo fantabulous fantastic team!” says Abhi.

We’re glad you’ve HOPped onboard, too! Welcome, Abhi!

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