New Hire: Josh Fonseca

Hop Studios has folks working from a variety of places—some work from the head office in Vancouver, while others work from home part- or full-time. Our newest developer, Josh Fonseca, works from a VERY far away home—he lives in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico!

Joshua Fonseca


Josh has worked for Hop Studios before—in 2012, he did a summer internship at our office as part of an English language training program located in Vancouver. Since then, he has earned a bachelor’s degree in IT and broadened his tech skill tree with a combination of Microsoft and open source technologies, front and backend skills, and IT experience in the logistics and insurance industries.

We asked what his favorite thing to do was and he said JavaScript. We then said, “No, like favorite in real life…” and he couldn’t stop listing things! 😊 He likes spending time with his family; he likes running and salsa dancing; he likes movies and boxing; and he enjoys travel and cheeses. Welcome (back) to the team, Josh!


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