New and Improved Additions to Real Baking with Rose

Real Baking with Rose: Amazon books We recently made a few changes to the site of one of our long time clients, Real Baking with Rose. Rose Levy Beranbaum is an accomplished baker extraordinaire, the author of a multitude of baking cook books, and now a blogger with an enthusiastic following of readers. With this in mind Rose requested changes to the site to better showcase her books, and to make the content of her blog more shareable.

The site now features a sidebar with direct links to purchasing Rose’s books on Amazon, an option for a printable version of her blog entries (especially important for recipes), and icons for sharing content on sites such as Digg, facebook,, or StumbleUpon. One minor tweak was to change the order of how comments appear on blog entries. This was done at the request of Rose’s readers because they felt they wanted to view the most recent comments first.

Real Baking with Rose: share icons


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