Nerds on Site

Who do you call when you’re having technical problems with a computer that isn’t covered under a warranty? What about when the computer in question is a frankenstein of various parts, and a PC? This isn’t a situation that comes up very often for us because most of the computers we use are Macs covered under the Apple Care warranty.

I did a bit of Google research and was reminded of Nerds on Site. I’d seen their distinctive bright red Volkswagan beetle on the streets of Vancouver a few times and was curious to have them in to troubleshoot our computer problem. Our nerd, Jay, was very professional and really knew his stuff when it came to figuring out the hardware-related problem. He was also able to solve a font display issue that had been on-going for months and wasn’t successfully resolved by others. Best of all, Jay’s presence in the office for the forty-five minute visit had a minimal impact on productivity.

Would we use Nerds on Site again? Definitely.


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