Need a Christmas present idea? How about “Blogging for Dummies, 2nd Edition”?

The Book CoverThe perfect gift for anyone in you life, this Dummies book in the classic yellow and black will is packed with juicy details, tips and examples. And it’s the perfect price at Amazon, pre-order yours today for only $14.95.

Shane Birley (Left Right Minds) and I started our writing in August, and finished the last of the editing in early November, so you just know that the information in the book is going to be up to date.

We really put our hearts into creating a thorough, detailed book, so you’ll find a chapter on podcasts, one on sidebar widgets, and of course a whole chapter on how to start a blog right now. Throughout the book, you’ll find screenshots of some of our favorite blogs used as examples—thanks to everyone who agreed to be featured!

I’m working right now on a companion website for the book, which will have a sample chapter, the complete table of contents, and of course, a blog.

What are you waiting for? Go order yours right now!


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