More Dreamweaver Book Editing

Hop Studios’ favorite publisher, Wiley of “Dummies” book fame, is coming out with a new Dreamweaver book called Dreamweaver All-in-One.  They’re hired Hop Studios to do the technical editing on the book.

Technical editing means we are the ones who make sure the examples in the book really work, and the menu commands really say what the book says they do.  It’s harder when the books are being written at the same time as the software, because software development changes can mean last-minute adjustments to the book.

But the new version of Dreamweaver is out now, so this will be more straight-forward from an editing point of view.  If you can’t wait for Dreamweaver A-I-O, I recommend the already published book, Dreamweaver 8 for Dummies, written by Janine Warner with a few chapters by Susannah Gardner.


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