Meet Gawain Weaver

Gawain Weaver working with students

Gawain Weaver working with students

Gawain Weaver Art Conservation provides conservation treatment and consulting services to museums, galleries, collectors, historical societies, libraries, and individuals. His site also offers a range of education opportunities and products, including workshop and sample sets.

Hop Studios began working with Gawain in early 2019, when he came to us looking for help with modernizing his site and updating his content management system, ExpressionEngine. Taking EE from 1.7.3 to 5.2.2 is always an adventure!

Right off the bat, we helped Gawain redesign his Workshops page to better highlight online and in-person course options, and to add testimonial feedback from attendees.

And, with such a beautifully designed site already in place when Gawain became a client, it was a no-brainer to make the site responsive and mobile-friendly. We also set up the site to be served securely with SSL using a free certificate. (Note: if you’re still paying for an SSL certificate, there are good free options now; get in touch.)

Last but certainly not least, by utilizing caching, minifying scripts and stylesheets, and reworking how images were being handled, we increased site speed and performance significantly. It’s so satisfying to make these kinds of site improvements—they may not be visible to the eye, but they improve the experience of using the site for everyone—including Gawain!


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