Making Rain the More Modern Way

Rainmaker Lawyer Screenshot

When ExpressionEngine users have issues upgrading from EE 1.x to EE 2.x they frequently manage to find us; Hop Studios has done more than a few of these upgrades now, big and small. Recently, Engine Hosting graciously sent us another EE1.x upgrade client, Rainmaker Lawyer Consulting is a resource center developed specifically to help lawyers make a great living and live a great life.  Their mission is to deliver innovative ideas and common sense advice that will help their clients unlock the limitless opportunity hidden within themselves and their law firm.  The process to upgrade from EE1 to EE2 can go smoothly or can be quite difficult.  This upgrade went very well with a minor detour for the transition of LG Better Meta, which is an EE1 only add-on, to the new EE2 version, NSM Better Meta—that required some database wrangling and careful backups.

In addition, the URL structure changes slightly from EE1 to EE2; the trailing slash gets removed from most URLs, so we did some fancy work to deal with that. Another satisfied and modernized client, hooray!


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