Living in Excellence

Living in ExcellenceSusannah has been doing training seminars for coaches interested in blogging. (By coaches, I mean career coaches, relationship coaches, etc.—we haven’t worked for a sports site yet.)  It was through these that we met D’Arcy Vanderpool.

D’Arcy hired us because, in addition to wanting a blog, she also wanted to reorganize her Website into several areas of specialty.  We came up with a design that compartmentalized her expertise, while still displaying to potential clients her range and versatility.  She wanted something bold and colorful enough to make a personal connection, without scaring away business and professional clients.

The other thing D’Arcy wanted, was to be able to edit any of the pages, not just the blog pages, without having to know HTML or learn a new program.

We were able to come up with a solution that makes the text of her site changeable, while still keeping the basic structure of the pages secure.  One other little touch: We made sure that her site would make her email address prominent to visitors, but not accessible to spammers, by encoding it with JavaScript.

Here’s the final result:  She’s already had some extremely positive results from it.


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