Leaving Las Vegas in a Camper Van

Leaving Las Vegas Camper Vans logo Ginger and Doug Bellamy met on the road while they were both visiting Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in 2002.  Their mutual love of travel eventually led the couple to marriage, and then onto starting their own company based around the all-American road trip.

Leaving Las Vegas Camper Vans is a brand new company with a brand new website designed and implemented by Hop Studios. Over the three-week timeline for the project, we assisted with selecting an appropriate domain name, setting up hosting, installing ExpressionEngine, and creating a fun design. Colour was an important feature of the design because we wanted to convey the vibrancy of Vegas and of travel. The banner features an altered version of the famous Las Vegas welcome sign with the company name inserted, and adds a spark of fun throughout the site. We installed ExpressionEngine to manage the van reservation system, and integrated a Google map featuring points of interest recommended by the company.

If you are looking for travel ideas for the summer, why not contact Leaving Las Vegas Camper Vans and have yourself a fun road trip. 😊


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