Learn from Our Experience

Hop Studios will help you troubleshoot the oddest of errors. Here’s a noteworthy one we were able to find recently, which will, I hope help us avoid similar problems in the future…

Dear [CLIENT],

After some initial difficulty in replicating the error you reported, I believe I have tracked down a possible cause of the blank space seen in the position of the ad in the right-hand column.

In the right column, you have a 160x600 Realmedia [an ad network] ad spot.  It calls a javascript from this URL:

That javascript (from RealMedia) is calling a javascript from ValueClick [another ad network] from this URL:

*THAT* javascript, from ValueClick, is calling an ad from RealMedia from the first URL… (uh oh!):

... and so on, and so on, until the browser stops doing that…

Basically, I think you have two ad networks, each calling the other as a fall-back when there are no native ads to serve.  This is causing the blank ad spot (and a lot of redundant ad calls on each page load).

I would advise you that you need to make sure that all your ad networks are set to call the SAME last-resort ad service, and not each other.

Yours sincerely,
Travis Smith


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