Leading a Panel at SXSW

At the 2006 SXSW Interactive Festival, Hop Studios partner Susannah Gardner will lead the “How to Make $$$ With Your Blog Design Skills” panel. The program has it with only two $$, but Susannah says she’s going to pull out all the stops and teach people how to make $$$.

It’s rumored the panelists will include Lisa Sabin of EWebscapes, Joelle Reeder of Moxie and Peter Flaschner of The Blog Studio but to be very honest, I got that from someone else’s blog because she’s asleep right now and I learned long ago that waking one’s partner to ask about a blog entry is considered bad form.

SXSW is a huge music and web festival in Austin; if you’re planning on attending, please let us know and we’ll be sure to meet up.


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