Introducing Artist-Not-In-Residence Tanille Geib

For 2017-2018, Lover of Humans** Tanille Geib will be serving as Hop Studios’ “Artist-Not-In-Residence” to inspire change locally and globally as part of our company’s new mission, “Helping Other People.”

We have a small office, but a big heart and aspirations, so with Hop Studios’ ongoing support, Geib is on the road without a home, traveling to different cities and countries sharing her two facilitated programs, Healthy Humans and The Sexuality Salon, and her social-art projects, including Colliding Passions and the Painted Cock Series.

Hop Studios is extremely pleased to be sponsoring Geib’s just-kicked-off 30 Nights of Sleepovers, a four-city project which explores themes of intimacy and personal space, sleep-deprived collaboration, and the way our interactions and expectations shift as we age through different life phases.

Through the lens of the universal “sleep-over” experience, and with her art-collaboration partner Paloma Kapitany, Geib will be having 30 sleepovers in a row with individuals, families, organizations, and communities to create connection and discussion, and to benefit various groups along the way by bringing awareness forward and bringing financial support to some of these groups. (Take a peek at who the community hostssleepover guests, and beneficiaries are.)

** Though Tanille Geib is an accomplished artist, writer, producer, teacher and facilitator, Geib prefers to be introduced initially as a “Lover of Humans”.

She has served as a sexual health facilitator & curriculum developer, community leader, creative producer, erotic artist, writer, director, filmmaker and intimacy coach. Her first book, Love & Cooking: The Erotic Cookbook, was published in April 2013. Geib has been featured on Elephant Journal and in CORSET Magazine. She has produced over 400 artists in the past thirteen years in all art disciplines in Calgary,  Vancouver, and Victoria. Highlights include: Phame Productions: Photonic, and Colliding Passions. You are Not Dead, A Guide to Modern Living with Black Pants Theatre, Ingrid Nilson’s Welcome to my Wake, and Good Theatre’s The Good of the Sun by Betty Lambert all produced at The Vancouver International Fringe Festivals. In 2015, she produced a six-week series called The Sexuality Salon, which was reprised in 2017 as part of Hop Studios’ Artist-Not-In-Residence program.

“In Career class when I was 16, my passion became vividly clear when I was asked, ‘What is the one thing you would change about this world?’ I answered with determination, ‘I believe if everyone in the world were comfortable in their own skin, the world would be a better place.’  From this place, this ideal, is where all of my human-focused skills have developed. I’m so happy that, with the support of Hop Studios, I can continue to develop and facilitate adult workshops that promote healthier connections to oneself, one’s community, to society, media, and romantic partners. In the rapidly changing world of technology, it’s important to remember that meaningful relationships are still the key to progress,” Geib said.

Hop Studios is an award-winning website design and development boutique. We handle websites for clients large and small, and try to focus on projects that have a societal benefit, be it environmental, educational, civic engagement, human rights, accessibility, gender equity, economic development, or the search for a meaningful life. We specialize in ExpressionEngine, Craft and Wordpress, especially for sites that have dynamic content and a strong, passionate community to support. If that sounds like you, get in touch!

For information about her current projects, check out her website at

For information about the Artist-Not-In-Residence program, contact us.


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