In San Francisco, at the Online News Association conference

Hop Studios will be attending the 2012 ONA conference in San Francisco later this week.

If you would like us to eat any clam chowder in a sourdough bowl on your behalf, please let us know immediately.

We hope to come back with renewed energy and understanding of the issues facing the news industry, and the solutions being worked on by the best and brightest. Social media, privacy, comment moderation, improvements to search, to video, how to cover elections, food carts, how to integrate user generated content, better metrics, better security, and how to get people to click on ads or maybe just hand you a fistful of dollars… Who knows what all we’ll learn!

We also hope to run into some of the old stalwarts who started up this whole Online News thing… because we were part of that, too, and it’s such fun to talk about 14.4kb modems and the best way to compress animated gifs.


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