Hotel Industry Pros Have a Place to Go: VacantReady

VacantReady Logo I’m very pleased to introduce VacantReady, a site dedicated to hotel industry professionals.  It’s run by Chris Clarke, an enthusiastic Energizer Bunny of a client.  He’s already busy patrolling the new site’s forums, posting daily on the blog, and in general bringing a level of communication and community to this underserved niche.

Chris’s site is powered by ExpressionEngine and is using all of its features, including the metaweblog API which allows him to post a photo on Flickr, and then automatically also submit it to his site’s blog.

He also did something very interesting—he started blogging on his site before the design was even started, and then used the platform to solicit feedback from the very community he was going to be serving (see this blog post). He really understands what it means to build a participatory site, and to include the audience in the process.

This site was another join collaboration between Hop Studios and Work Industries. I expect that if you look at the site again in 6 months, it’ll be three-times as built out and busy, but even on launch it’s a wonderful merger of design (check out the rotating header graphics!) and content.  We’re confident that the site will be a great starting point for his efforts.  Congrats, Chris.


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