Hop Studios uses AdHack to Search for Creative Services

image Hop Studios has a dilemma. We are in need of a designer to create graphics to illustrate the new modules, plugins, and extensions we have in development for ExpressionEngine. We weren’t exactly sure where to look for such a person. Then we thought of our good friends at AdHack and have decided to use their services to create a commission.

In case you haven’t heard of AdHack, their catch line is “People Powered Advertising”. Their goal is to connect ad buyers directly with ad creators, and produce work that is creative, affordable, and produced in a timely manner. Sounds good doesn’t it? We thought so too.

Using AdHack is easy. We set up an account on AdHack’s website, put together a creative brief of what we need, pressed publish, and away we went. If you’re interested in the commission, follow along to the AdHack site and read the full details. The deadline for submission is Friday September 18, 2009.


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