Hop Studios Takes the Plunge

Happily Hop Studios has picked up another author as a client. Pam Withers is known for her pulse pounding Take It to the Xtreme Series of adventure novels for young adults. They follow the exploits of two daredevil teens, who discover (and get into trouble with) a new extreme sport in each book. Her last book, BMX Tunnel Run, takes the action underground in a series of mine-shaft misadventures. She is currently working on a new book, Mountainboard Maniacs, about that emerging sport, a kind of off-road skateboarding.

Pam asked Hop Studios to maintain her current site,, updating it with speaking dates, new books, and hip links.

Pam researches and tries most of the sports she writes about. How she fits that in around all her writing and speaking engagements is anyone’s guess!


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