Hop Studios Has a Brand New Site, and a New Duck, Too

Hop Studios LogoLast month, Hop Studios launched a brand new identity, logo, and website design.

I didn’t mention it on this blog at the time—you’d call that a soft launch, I suppose.  I guess I didn’t want us to fly to close to the sun, Icarus-like, with our new wax brand wings.  Also, we were so darn busy LAUNCHING the thing, that TALKING about it seemed almost superfluous.  What is it the say about the shoemaker’s children having no shoes?  Well, I guess this buzz marketing website design company didn’t spend enough time marketing their latest website…

And to be sure, we haven’t changed much.  Our slogan, “Good. Clean. Fun.” still describes what we are, what we do, and how we do it. We’re still the company with the duck.  What has changed, though, is how we present ourselves, and in a way that’s surprising to me, how we feel about ourselves.  I can see it in the way people react to us, and us to them, and it’s wonderful.  And for this change, I have to thank one person: Matt Gardner, the designer we hired officially last year, whose personal project it has been to get our brand identity in line with what we are now, and what we are capable of.

Matt has done some great designs for our clients, but it’s his work on Hop Studios itself that might have the most lasting effect, and I think you’ll appreciate his work if you come to our site and take a peek.  From little things like the phone icons in the footer, to big things like the site search and the clients page, our site now reflects what we believe: that simplicity on the web is hard work, and pays off.

And, if you’re at the Northern Voice 2008 conference in Vancouver tomorrow, check out our new business cards and pick up one of our free buttons; we think you’ll look dapper.


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