Hop Studios Gets an Air Kiss from Movable Type

Movable Type featured Hop Studios in a very nice blog entry yesterday about Rose Levy Beranbaum’s blog: Real Baking with Rose.  We’re mentioned because we designed the site for General Mills, who commissioned it.

Movable Type’s summation of the year-long experience Rose has had with her site is dead on—the blog entries themselves are great stories, and great recipes, and it helps to extend and humanize Gold Medal flour (and now Harvest King flour, too). However, the best part of the site are the comments that people make and the way Rose handles the responses. She shares her kitchen successes, and her personal strife as well.

We made Rose’s own comments show up highlighted, and so each blog entry becomes a doorway into a conversation with one of America’s great bakers.  Some of the stories people share are wonderful—like the woman who made her own wedding cake 15 years ago using one of Rose’s recipes, and then made it again for her 15th anniversary.

Or what about the fellow in India who loves sour cream but cant get it there? Rose has the answer to that, too.

We had a good time building the site, but what’s made it succeed is the personality and dedication of Rose, and that’s true for every blog.


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