Hey y’all! We’ve Launched Sure Shot Productions!

Screenshot of Sure Shot Productions Sure Shot Productions is owned and operated by Sally Bishop, a third generation rodeo and wild west performer. Sally is also a stuntwoman for film and television. As a performer, she specializes in bullwhips, trick riding and a nifty four-horse Roman Riding.

When it came time for Sally to expand her business promotions to a wider area, she came to Hop Studios.  We’re known for our trick HTML code riding, and a nifty bullwhip we use to keep things moving on schedule.  Well, maybe not.  But we are known for great design and implementation, and we rustled up a site that really suited her Western theme and captured her personality as well.

Now Sally has a fantastic promotional site, with all the details that someone would need to get a sense of who she is, and what kind of a show her company can put on.  With Hop Studios, Sure Shot Productions plans to round up and lasso a whole new set of opportunities.


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