Have a Hoppy Holiday!

We’re looking forward to a big glass of well-deserved eggnog, and to whatever 2018 has in store!

2017 has been an eventful, learning-filled year for the Hop ducks. We’ve gotten a lot more skilled with accessibility issues, experimented with new versions of the ExpressionEngine content management system, tried out an entirely new content management system, made approximately 67,418 sites mobile-friendly [I’m exaggerating, but really, 2017 was quite the year for mobile-friendly sites], and burned out the office Internet repeatedly. It’s been a big year.

Thanks to our many wonderful, creative and thoughtful clients. Working with all of you through the year has been a true gift. May the holidays bring you rest, rejuvenation, and excitement about 2018!

The practical details: Hop’s hours and availability during the last week of the year will be more limited than normal. Current clients should check Basecamp for information about who to contact about work requests and emergencies between December 25 and January 1.


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