Getting the Dirt Daily

Cindy McNatt came to Hop Studios with the idea of starting her own blog driven project. She has a background in journalism, and is a staff writer with the Orange County Register but she was interested in breaking out on her own. Her project was to launch a new blog under the name Dirt du Jour and focus on providing gardening tips, techniques and advice. She blogs every day, which is an impressive commitment, and each entry is made available to subscribers as a daily electronic newsletter as well (which we designed).

Speaking of design: The site is light and airy with lovely accents provided by the illustrations used throughout the site that were created by Cindy herself. The title text of Dirt du Jour and Daily Dirt were hand-drawn by our designer Matt and add to the hands-on, “human touch” feel of the site.

Since it looks like I’ll be getting into gardening this summer, I have signed up to receive the Dirt du Jour newsletter. I’m looking forward to reading Cindy’s many hints and tips, and getting my hands into the dirt. 😉


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