Four in One Day

It’s been a busy, busy day in Hop Studios land.  Never before (and dare I say, never again?) have we launched four sites in one day!  Expect a full write up of all of them, but here’s the bullet points:

  1. First was eMarketing101, a great little EE site run by Alex Brabant. I think Matt did a gorgeous job on this one, and it’s a hot rod of a site, with many little features that’ll make it a HUGE hit with the search engines—I would expect no less from Alex.
  2. Next up is, the Knight Citizen News Network, which is a huge, and I mean HUGE, site promoting citizen journalism.  This site has some of everything, technology-wise.  More importantly, I think it is even on its launch day one of the best resources online for those trying to do citizen journalism, and it’s going to get even better over the next month. Just a brief look at the folks involved: Jan Schaffer, JD Lasica, Dan Gillmor, Amy Gahran, and other stars soon (I can’t give away the surprise!)
  3. This is a neat one: VacantReady, a site for hoteliers and others in the hospitality industry.  The site’s owner, Chris Clarke, is a natural blogging prodigy, and working with him is like flying a box kite in a brisk thunderstorm—great fun, and we get a lot of energy from it, too.  In a reversal from our usual pattern, Chris wanted us to first launch his site and then start work on it. So, we’re developing live, and rolled out the platform installation, and then the design, and soon some kick ass features, while all the while he’s already blogging and building community around the framework we’re erecting.  His site today got the official look and feel rolled out; I consider this the launch of the beta phase on top of what was the alpha.  It’s a drop dead gorgeous site, come check it out.
  4. So I figured today would be our all-time record three-launch day.  Then, Aileen called.  She needed a placeholder site.  Like, today.  Sure, no problem.  Aileen got a one page wonder, but for her new business, that was all she needed.  And the thought of getting four websites up in a day was too good to pass up.  So give a welcome to Sharp Pen Strategies.

And now we’re going to go lie down. (Update: Hey, why don’t I use the OL tag?  Yeah, that’d be perfect!)


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