First Clients Find First Bugs

image This might be funny, or it might just be Friday, but I thought I’d share.

Kathryn Lord, owner of Find-A-Sweetheart, contacted me today.  Her blog has a list of monthly archive links on the right-hand side of the page. But she was noticing that her oldest months archives were not appearing.  What could be going wrong?

Well, it turns out that the documentation for ExpressionEngine’s monthly_links function looks like this:

January, 2023<br />
October, 2022<br />
June, 2022<br />
May, 2022<br />
April, 2022<br />
March, 2022<br />
February, 2022<br />
January, 2022<br />
October, 2021<br />
September, 2021<br />
August, 2021<br />
June, 2021<br />
May, 2021<br />
April, 2021<br />
March, 2021<br />
February, 2021<br />
January, 2021<br />
December, 2020<br />
November, 2020<br />
October, 2020<br />
September, 2020<br />
July, 2020<br />
June, 2020<br />
May, 2020<br />
April, 2020<br />
March, 2020<br />
February, 2020<br />
January, 2020<br />
December, 2019<br />
November, 2019<br />
September, 2019<br />
July, 2019<br />
June, 2019<br />
May, 2019<br />
April, 2019<br />
March, 2019<br />
February, 2019<br />
January, 2019<br />
November, 2018<br />
October, 2018<br />
September, 2018<br />
June, 2018<br />
May, 2018<br />
April, 2018<br />
March, 2018<br />
February, 2018<br />
January, 2018<br />
December, 2017<br />
November, 2017<br />
October, 2017<br />

And the limit of 50 months is reached about 4 years.  Which is when Kathryn started blogging—she was one of our first clients to do so, and she’s never missed a month. So, congrats, and beware of the default instructions sometimes!


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