Find an American Studies Journal

There are at least 25 journals worldwide dedicated to the field of American Studies.  And now, there’s one website that you can visit to stay on top of the latest information from each of them: American Studies Journals.

Hop Studios built this meta-journal site with a few goals in mind: Each journal’s editor should be able to log in, add their own abstracts and journal details, and highlight their best material.

Using ExpressionEngine, the site provides an easy collaborative environment for 31 editors in 17 countries.  ExpressionEngine can also be used as a communication tool between the editors; private messaging and mass emails are built in to the system. And for the site’s visitors, the search engine provides an alternative to the various browsing methods (alphabetical, geographical) we also incorporated into the site’s functionality.

Oh, and for the techies out there: the site uses sIFR so we could make dynamic, non-standard fonts as headers while still degrading gracefully for older browsers.  Say it with me: Ooooooh.


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