Find-A-Sweetheart Finds a New Home

logo_kathrynlord.gifFind-A-Sweetheart has been a sweetheart of a client, and owner Kathryn Lord has been growing her site for years.

She finally outgrew her Blogger/HTML pages/Contribute system, and we moved the whole site into ExpressionEngine this month.

We didn’t change the design hardly at all, other than by adding some of the features EE has that Blogger doesn’t—categories, most obviously. We also made page titles more descriptive.

We took special care to make sure that all the old URLs will still work and forward to the new pages.  It will be interesting to see if traffic and search engine ranking changes at all based on the new URLs.  It will also be faster and more reliable for Kathryn to publish—no waiting for Blogger to move files around.


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