eMarketing Hits The Asphalt

Alexandre Brabant dropped by the Hop Studios design garage looking for one of our historic specialties: the redesign!

His Search Engine Optimization(SEO) business had outgrown the original site and needed to be switched into high gear. Happy to oblige, we got that sucker up on the rack and popped in a new engine, specifically the fuel-injected ExpressionEngine from EllisLabs, and installed a blog, the SEO version of a nitro system!

The drag reducing, ultra-light fiberglass page design slid neatly into place. We even detailed the blog to include custom icons for each category! Integrated Search, google ads, a glossary and testimonals rounded out the package.

We are all pretty happy with the site here at the garage, and with Alexandre providing abundant blog fuel, this one will be tearing up the road for years to come!


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