Electro-Harmonix Relaunches

Hop Studios projects often tend to be an even mix of design and development work, but in the case of Electro-Harmonix, the project was pure development. The design ground work had already been laid by project manager Scott Matthews. He’d taken the original site from flash-based to HTML and graphics, but a content management system was needed to organize and display the information. Hop Studios installed ExpressionEngine, set up templates, configured things to suit the needs of EHX, and added a blog.

As we do with all clients, we trained Scott in using EE, but in this case, the training was extremely thorough, covering how to input data, alter templates, use tags, categorize, and add other PHP functionality. In the interest of keeping costs down, we set up EE, but EHX was responsible for populating the site with all text and images.

The result? A great-looking, great-working site.


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