EE Roadshow v2.0, Submissions Open

Hop Studios is happy to be organizing again the second ExpressionEngine Roadshow, in Seattle, Oct. 2, 2009. We’ve just opened the submission form, and because we are GO-GO GETTERS, we have set the deadline for speaker submissions to be June 30, 2009.

Which means, if you have something interesting to say, and you want a room full of the smartest EE developers to hear it, get your talk submitted soon!  Possible ideas are, but aren’t limited to: building sites with EE, add-on development, dev approaches, or anything else you think other EE developers would love to learn or hear about. It’s a great way to share great information with the gang AND get yourself a whole bunch of buzz at the same time. Help us make this year’s conference the best it can be.

We’re expecting a whole lot of folks, and the space we’ve rented is twice as funky as the one we found for last year’s event.  So get ready for some educational, entertaining fun. And submit a talk!

(Also, if there’s a talk you’d like to hear, but you aren’t the one to do it, just drop me an email or a comment, and we’ll see if we can’t just make the magic happen for you!)


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