EE Roadshow a Big Success

The EE Roadshow was a big success for us last Friday, starting with the event completely selling out and ending with a great party. Havana Theatre proved to be a good venue for the event, with plenty of tasty appetizers and drinks.

Kevin Addresses the Crowd

While the majority of attendees were from around Vancouver (there’s a lot more EE users here than we knew about!), we did have enthusiastic users come from as far away as Smithers (BC), Seattle, Portland, Ottawa, and New York State. There was a good mix of experience levels in the audience. Most were already users of ExpressionEngine, (some having started as far back as the days of PMachine Pro), while others had yet to do an installation of EE, or were beginners who had come to learn more about it and confirm how awesome a CMS it is. We were pleased to discover there are many different and interesting projects that EE is powering, and everyone came away having learned something - including the organizers.

Rick Answering QuestionsDerek Drove the Laptop

A highlight of the day was a presentation by Rick Ellis and Derek Allard of EllisLab on the much anticipated preview of ExpressionEngine 2.0. Believe me when I say everyone in the room was very excited to be in on this session and can hardly wait to get their hands on the new system. A bonus for Roadshow attendees is that they will have special access to the developers preview as soon as it is available.

A big thank you to Kevin Shoesmith of Venn Communications for getting the ball rolling on this event, and for ensuring the involvement of Rick Ellis.

Further EE Roadshow wrap up:
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