Drinking the Podcast Koolaid

Truthdig LogoI’ve been interested in podcasting for a while (with followup here).  But until this week, we at Hop Studios were simply occasional consumers of podcasts, not producers.

Podcasts, by the way, are series of audio (or some say video) files, that are delivered automatically to subscribers by means of an RSS feed, and usually listened to on an MP3 device such as, oh, say, an iPod.

One of our most popular clients, Truthdig, has launched a podcast of their own.  If you’re going to try out a podcast, you could do worse than this one: It’s got such great authors as Gore Vidal and Larry Gross reading their works, and an interview with Dennis Kucinich.

If you’re using iTunes, you can also check out the excellent graphic for the podcast.  We can’t take credit for it, but it does look fairly cool, and ties in with the excellent branding of Truthdig.


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