“Dreamweaver 8 for Dummies”

So, we’ve been under NDA until recently about a project we’ve been involved with.

There’s a new version of Dreamweaver coming out in September.  Macromedia announced it on Aug. 8, but the book has been in the writing stages for a few months.  Here’s the announcement...

Dreamweaver 8 is Macromedia’s latest release of the industry-leading tool for designing and developing websites and applications. New Dreamweaver 8 features include expanded Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) layout visualization for easier design, drag-and-drop integration of XML data feeds, improved code hinting support for XML and XSLT, enhanced usability features such as zoom and code collapse to streamline the development process, and easier ways to incorporate Flash Video content onto websites.

XSLT hinting support!  Code collapse!  Zoom!  But, what does it have to do with Hop Studios?  Susie wrote several chapters, and Travis had his first hands-on experience in the publishing industry.  He was the technical editor for the entire book—all 18 chapters.  Heady stuff.

Is this a big upgrade for Dreamweaver?  I’ll let you be the judge (because I can’t say anything about it just yet)—but I am excited to have technical edited the book, and the editor and primary author were both quite complimentary about how I did, calling me “regular,” “grizzled” and “keen.”  These are things technical editors aspire to be, I think.

I should also add that Hop Studios has several of its clients’ websites featured in the book, as examples of sites that use the latest and greatest Dreamweaver features.  I’ll share more about that once the book comes out.


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