Creativity Cure, Redux

Creativity Cure Screenshot A year and half ago, we built the fine folks at a sparkling yellow ExpressionEngine site to promote the release of their new book.  It did well for them, and since then they’ve been running fine with the tools we built them, adding and changing and updating what they needed.

Now they are re-releasing their book in paperback, and they wanted a site revamp to match the new book’s look.  Because of the site’s ExpressionEngine framework, we were able make the process clean, easy and quick.  We added fresh new pages and a streamlined look, and added new affiliate buying links licketty split.  The success of their book meant they’d had lots of media coverage, and so we sub-categorized their news section to clearly sort the attention they’d gotten.  No clutter, just professional clean code.

What’s great is that since EE helps keep content separate from the display, it was simple for us to focus our efforts and billable time only on the design rather having to slog through redoing the foundation.  From first phone call to final brushstroke, we finished in time for their book launch in just two weeks.


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