Creative Thinking, Proactive Maintenance

We have a client, Alliance Environmental Group, that wanted to have happy client testimonials on every page of their site.

In addition, they wanted to update these testimonials frequently.  Meanwhile, the site’s total page count was growing over time as well.

Ultimately, it got the stage where updating the testimonials was taking an awfully long time—each page on the site needed to be modified, and the chance of error was great.

So, we thought about this, and we came up with a javascript solution that allowed the testimonials to:
* Rotate on each page individually
* Display in aggregate on a main testimonials page without additional coding time
* Be updated in just one file instead of in each page individually

One consequence is that we will now probably charge less for maintenance, because the job is now much quicker to do every month.

But it was the best choice for our client, and our client’s site visitors.  We look at it this way: now we can use the extra time saved on developing new features for their site. If not, we’ll go for a walk or read a book.


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