Consulting on Setting up an ONA Student Chapter

I’ve been giving some of my time recently to the Online Journalism Student Society at the University of Ohio.  They’re trying to set up a student chapter of the Online News Association, and I’ve been offering them counsel and the occasional edit of their draft proposals.

I came from the online news world, and still participate in it frequently.  The ONA’s annual conference is a lot of fun—if you’ve ever hung around with journalists at an open bar, you’ll know what I mean—and I’ve learned a lot there as well.  I was really young when I started online, and could have used the experience and support of an organizational relationship like this, though neither the OJSS or the ONA existed at the time.  (This was back in 1994, the Internet Stone Age.)

I think the OJSS students have a good rational for wanting this partnership to happen, and a solid plan for making it happen.  I wish them the best of luck.


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