Closed for Veterans / Remembrance Day

photo by striatic

Hop Studios will be closed on Nov. 11 for Remembrance Day / Veterans Day.

We don’t always get to close on holidays, because we have U.S. and Canadian clients, and U.S. and Canadian employees, so Victoria Day, July 4th, and Thanksgiving we end up being kind of sort of open in order to be available for those who are still working.

Therefore, it’s nice not only to be taking the day off, but to do so on a day that’s set aside to remember those who worked and were hurt and who died in the service of protecting our nations’ freedoms.  Coming in the midst of all these elections, it’s a nice reminder that, if they hadn’t given their lives, we wouldn’t be able to choose our futures.

So thanks, veterans.  We’ll try hard not to make any more of you.


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