Bristol Industries Site Relaunch

logo_bristol_industries.gifBristol Industries needed four websites in one, to handle four of the companies that make up their wide range of service offerings.  This includes environmental & engineering services, design and building services, construction services and fuel systems services.

They contacted Sonya Senkowsky, a long-time client of ours who runs AlaskaWriters and knows a lot about the process of building websites, having gone through the process a number of times herself. Sonya came and asked us if we would be the “legs” while she was the “brains” of the project.  We agreed—sometimes it’s fun to just be the legs.  She was the direct contact with Bristol and kept the project moving smoothly; she helped them think through design and branding issues, and also worked with them to develop copy for the site.

Meanwhile, we built the site in EE, used the multiple blog capabilities to handle the overlapping content, created a staff directory and a job application system, and launched the site on a very speedy timetable.  Thanks to the designer who worked with Bristol, each company is color-keyed so you can tell instantly which part of the site you’re in.

Another nice touch on this site is the rotating slideshow photos on each company’s home page. I tend not to like slideshows when the information is serial—like a catalog where you have to wait for the right product to show up, or that TV station that shows you what’s on but you have to wait until it’s displaying the right time.

However, in this case, each image is designed to give you a different view of the types of projects and services that the company offers, and it means that the images can be bigger and more compelling—which is nice because a single picture of a piece of equipment or a job site doesn’t give you as good an idea about what the company does.


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