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blue moon fiber arts blog logoTina Newton of the Rockin’ Sock Club recently had the website of her business, Blue Moon Fiber Arts, redesigned and launched. Because she has had so much success with the Rockin’ Sock Club Blog she decided to add a blog to her company site, created by Hop Studios.

The design is based on the existing site with minor tweaks to give the blog its own look and feel, and is built in ExpressionEngine. Tina wanted to do the usual stuff with a blog—post text and photos—but she also wanted to find a way to feature some of the photos she uses for design inspiration when creating new yarn colors. The result is an extra large photo header on the blog that she can change as she finds new photos and use to refresh the look of the blog at the same time. We paired the photo with a fun logo of a crow with some knitting needles and yarn to differentiate the blog from the rest of the site.

We launched Blue Moon’s new blog yesterday, and Tina’s first entry has already received 22 comments. Way to go, Tina!


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