Beverly Connection Site Launches

Screenshot of Beverly ConnectionDo you ever have a project that you feel like is ready to happen, and then it gets delayed for a little while, and then another little while, and then another little while and then finally you realize it’s been eons and feel like you’ve already finished but it hasn’t even launched?

Well, I’m really pleased to say that this project HAS launched, and though it’s been a long time coming, we’re quite happy with it.

Take a look at The Beverly Connection website.  The BC is a shopping mall in Beverly Hills—incidently, one where I used to grocery shop and go see movies when I was in college—that is undergoing a redevelopment.  It’s going be a mixed use facility, with residential, shopping, a senior living center, parking, etc.

The site is currently an advocacy and information site for the redevelopment, and will evolve over time to answer the questions of those interested and affected by the development.

There’s no particularly bad reason this site took so long to come to the launch—while some projects go awry, other projects just take time to gestate and find their focus.  In this case, I think the site looks great and fit the current needs of the client extremely well, so I’m glad things happened the way they did.

And, I’m also glad we’re finally done the beginning!  On to the next phase!


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