Attention, clients using Moveable Type

We want to write to let you know about an upgrade to Moveable Type that’s become available.

It’s a small upgrade, but it fixes several issues related to comment spam and its related server load.

If you’ve had problems with server load or spam comments, I’d recommend it.  Otherwise, it’s probably not necessary.

In addition, there’s a bug-fixing version of MT-Blacklist that’s due out.  The current version of MT-Blacklist, you’ll may have heard, has the unfortunate bug of sometimes deleting two blogs when you try to delete one. Since you would very rarely if ever want to delete an entire blog,  the benefits of MT-Blacklist in blocking spam far outweigh this one issue, but it would be nice not to even face the small possibility of this.

Let me know if you’d like us to do upgrade these both for you. I anticipate it would take an hour or two.


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