Apologies for a Rocky Migration

Even the best companies can stumble.

Hop Studios relies on Nexcess to provide the hosting for most of our clients.  They have good rates, fair business practices and most of all, the best customer service in the online world.

That customer service has been very important recently, because they’ve been moving all their clients to a new data center, and the process has not been smooth.  In fact, it’s been downright disruptive and in several cases, damaging.

If you’re a Hop Studios client who uses Nexcess, we apologize for any problems caused by this move (and you’ll get an email explaining in more detail what happened).

We still recommend Nexcess, and we sincerely hope that their new data center, and the other improvements in their infrastructure that came from this move, will quickly outweigh any difficulties you might have had in the past week.


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