Announcing: Publish That Plugin for ExpressionEngine

Our new Publish That plugin is a twist on our popular Edit This plugin.

Just like Edit This, Publish That creates a link from the public side of your website to the control panel, if the user viewing the content is logged into the control panel and has sufficient permissions.  But here’s the twist: Instead of outputting a link to edit something existing, Publish That outputs a link to publish something new.  So if you’ve ever wanted to create a link from the front end of your site to create a new template, category, gallery entry, or weblog entry, Publish That makes it a snap.

This plugin was suggested by and developed with help from a satisfied user of Edit This.  Thanks, Craig!  And thanks to everyone who uses Hop Studios add-ons; we always enjoy working with you to make sure our add-ons do what you want them to do.

Download Publish That.


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