Announcing: Edit This Plugin for ExpressionEngine

Our newest ExpressionEngine add-on is a totally handy plugin that makes site owners happy—we use it every day on our own clients’ sites.  Edit This displays a link from any part of any page on your public site, direct to the control panel page that will let you edit that content. 

Edit This handles weblog entries, templates, categories, and gallery entries.  Under the hood, it checks a user’s privileges before it renders the link; in other words, if you can’t access the control panel, you won’t see a link to edit the entry you’re reading.

By default, the plugin renders links with a cute little pencil icon.  But if you want more control over presentation, Edit This gives you the option to style your links however you want.

And yes—we’ll be porting this plugin to EE 2.0, whenever it comes out.

As always, drop us a line to tell us how you like it!


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