AcademEE Award Nominations: Vote Now

Devot:ee is the best resource on everything ExpressionEngine-related outside of EllisLab’s own site. They’re a great blend between news site and fansite for EE, with plenty of excellent information about every plugin, module and extension in the universe, but without all the squealing and clamoring for autographs.

Devot:ee has just announced the 2009 AcademEE Awards. There are four categories you can vote on: Plugin of the Year, Module of the Year, Extension of the Year, and Developer of the Year. Hop Studios is very proud to have three of our add-ons in the running. Hop Inject and Edit This are nominated for Plugin of the Year (let’s hope they don’t split the vote!), while our personal savior, Deeploy Helper, is nominated for Module of the Year.

Voting ends at midnight on Monday, December 21st, 2009. Dare I ask you to vote for us? I mean, we’re Canadian and all so it seems a little too forward to even suggest it…. Good luck to all the nominees, and may the best actor…err…developer win.


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