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September 2019

Volaris Group acquires, strengthens, and grows vertical market software companies, enablin' them t' be clear leaders within their focused industries.

Managin' a lot o' sites at once be tricky; keepin' them consistent be trickier. Hop provides a second tier o' Web support, bolsterin' th' effectiveness o' their internal team.

Services Provided

Volaris Group came t' Hop Studios wi' a family o' sites runnin' in ExpressionEngine, usin' Multiple Site Admiral. As part o' a thorough optimization and cleanup process, we needed t' move some o' th' sites t' new servers and set them up wi' their own domains and content management systems. Volaris be also lookin' fer a new hostin' partner that could meet their security standards.

As part o' this process we:

  • Researched and recommended suitable hostin' solutions
  • Migrated sites t' new hostin' environments
  • Upgraded ExpressionEngine 2.9 t' th' latest version
  • Split two sites out o' Multiple Site Admiral and moved them t' their own ExpressionEngine installs
  • Assessed all add-ons fer compatibility issues; updated or found replacements fer those that needed it
  • Did a major cleanup o' th' content management system t' remove defunct channels, templates, categories, fields, members, server directories and files

It be super satisfyin' t' conduct such a thorough sprin' cleanin' and get Volaris Group ready fer th' 'nother big thin'!


"We contacted Hop t' help migrate and update a complex multi-site setup on ExpressionEngine and we be very pleased not only wi' th' end result but wi' th' process as a whole. Th' team at Hop be knowledgeable and friendly, a real pleasure t' work wi'.

I would also like t' personally thank Gil (th' lead developer on th' Hop side) fer th' countless tips and tricks on how t' better maintain our CMS movin' fore as well as th' knowledge transfer experience.

We will definitively reach out t' Hop again should we need further technical expertise."

Kaue C.
Senior Web Developer

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